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December News (You Can't Hold Back Spring)

December 14, 2011

Hello from the Acres!

We know it's been a while, and a lot has happened. So here's the news in brief:

-- 462 Halsey Community Garden is open - bring your compost!
-- FEEDback Farms is approved to use 3 lots in Carroll Gardens! So cool -- they are "A Small Green Patch" on facebook.
-- NYC Department of Environmental Protection is moving towards community access at Myrtle Village Green - they have leveled the ground and put in a fence. Myrtle Village Green will be having its next general meeting on Sunday, January 15 in Wallabout Village/North Bed Stuy/East Clinton Hill.
-- The Java Street Garden Collaborative is well on its way -- Community Board hearing in January! Plan to come to the meeting in support when it's announced!

-- THIS COMING SUNDAY, a Vacant Public Land Visioning Session at the Occupy Wall Street Holiday Bazaar, 4pm, 175 Frost Street, Brooklyn. Come!
-- LAST WEEK, 596 Acres labeled vacant land in East New York owned by Housing Preservation and Development in tandem with OccupyHomes. It was fun & really wonderful to add a little texture to what was already a fantastic action.

-- Join a community organizing in your neighborhood!
-- Request a Visioning Session for your community! We'll talk about possibilities and see what land is empty near your 'hood.
-- Give 596 Acres a few of your dollars, tax-free, finally - and before 2011 is over! 596 Acres is set up to accept your donations. Your dollars will be used to fund ink for more beautiful handmade signs, stickers, neighborhood-specific maps, more broadsheets, improvements to online tools and materials for future Vacant Public Land Visioning Sessions. The project tiny so your smallest contributions make the largest difference (tax-deductable, thanks to IOBY!).
-- Follow the Policies for a Shareable City series -- we're in there! There's been some other very nice press this fall, too.
-- Follow us on facebook - we're still there.

Together -- let's envision a commons.

In hope, love, seasonal bliss,


.... you can't hold back spring ...